Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues


Our company in developing its business activities is guided by respect for human beings and the environment and is committed to: 

  1. Comply with the legislation in force.
  2. To ensure the supply of petroleum products and services in accordance with the specifications agreed with our clients or even higher specifications.
  3. To see that it receives the messages transmitted from all sides (customers, collaborators, employees, the society in general) so as to continuously improve its products / services and in general all its activities.
  4. To provide full and exact technical data concerning the quality, performance and safe use of its products to all interested parties.
  5. To provide suitable safe working environment.
  6. To see that natural resources and energy are economized and to prevent pollution in carrying out its activities.
  7. To provide suitable and adequate training to its staff, giving emphasis to questions of Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.
  8. To follow closely and adopt as far as possible, international technological and scientific developments and keep pace with society and market trends.
  9. To implement Management Systems with a view to systematically monitoring, measuring and continuously improving its operations and performance in questions of Quality, Safety and the Environment.
  10. To encourage its clients and associates to adopt corresponding policy and practices.
  11. To make available all necessary human and material resources for the achievement of the above goals.
  12. To regularly review and evaluate the Management Systems used for realising these commitments, aiming always at the continuous improvement of their effectiveness.

The ULTIMATE AIM of the above-mentioned commitments is:

  • To satisfy its clients, collaborators, cadres and the society in general and to cultivate a spirit of mutual trust.
  • To avoid any kind of accidents which have an impact on health, property and the environment.
  • To protect and promote improvement of the natural environment.  

The Management of the company and all the people working in it are responsible in the context of their competences and know-how to implement the above commitments and to try to attain these goals.

The Management of the company is committed to reviewing and adapting its present Policy from time to time according to prevailing business conditions and expediencies.

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