OKTA AD - Skopje

OKTA AD - Skopje

As of July 1999, EL.P.ET. BALKANIKI acquired from the FYROM government the OKTA AD SKOPJE refinery which has a nominal refining capacity of 2,5 million tons per annum and a storage capacity of 330.000 m³.

Products from the OKTA refinery cover most of the FYROM’s fuel market and that of Kosovo.

The refinery is supplied with crude oil through the Thessaloniki-Skopje pipeline which has been in operation since July 2002. OKTA’s production is mostly Gasoline, Diesels and Fuel Oils, LPG is also produced but in small quantities.

Demand for products for which OKTA's production does not suffice is met with imports from the Thessaloniki refinery. Tthe shareholders structure of OKTA AD Skopje was:
  • EL.P.ET. BALKANIKI S.A. 81,51%
  • Company Employees  6,13%
  • Employee Funds 1,46%
  • FYROM:
  1. Privatization Agency  8,35%
  2. Pension Fund 2,55%

During 2009 the OKTA AD SKOPJE refinery processed 980.128 MT of crude oil, supplied entirely through the Thessaloniki-Skopje pipeline and the refinery’s stocks.
Total sales made by OKTA AD SKOPJE in 2009 were 1.028.060 metric tons, 671.960 MT in the domestic market and 356.100 MT were exported. 
The OKTA AD SKOPJE refinery’s investment program in 2010 reach a total of 3,3 million Euro. Main items include:

  • Construction of acid water stripping unit and connection to sulphur recovery unit
  • Upgrading of the atmospheric distillation unit
  • Upgrading of the truck loading

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